Independent of political views, religious affilation and ethnic backgrounds, we want to help children in Tanzania by supporting the initiative of people through the realisation of comprehensive and continuous project activities in kindergartens, preschools, primary and secondary schools. Thereby, we want to offer sustainable support and promote the opportunities and living conditions for a self-determined life and development perspectives of the people in Tanzania. 


A good education and vocational training is the basis for a self-determined life and development perspective. By the practical organisation, funding and implementation of development projects, we support the promotion, education and training of children and youth in Tanzania. Our association places special value on the deepening of personal contacts between the people of Germany and Tanzania. We work closely with relevant community groups, associations and organisations (NGO's) to achieve these goals.  


Our overall objective is the consistent and sustained support and improvement of educational opportunities for children and youth through the realisation of integrated project activities thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for the people of Tanzania.

Individual measures

To achieve the overall objectives, we are concentrating on the improvement of the entire infrastructure of kindergartens and schools such as e.g.: 

  • Ensuring the supply of drinking water by drilling wells, source water supply and installation of water supply systems in the whole area of schools
  • Planning, construction and installation of power supply systems to kindergartens and schools
  • Planning and construction of classrooms, libraries, laboratories, toilets, sewage systems, kitchens, dining rooms and staff rooms
  • Adoption of school fees sponsorships for half and full orphans
  • Procurement of textbooks
  • Medical examinations of children in kindergartens and schools by voluntary doctors from Germany
  • Co-operation with other local carriers

Performance of the local carrier / target groups

All activities will be supported on site by an above-average personal contribution of the target groups, carriers, parents, villagers and teaching staff.

Management / Monitoring

On behalf of our association "Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V." all projects and individual measures will be accompanied promptly by visits of the respective project managers or members and are funded 100% privately. The funding of individual activities and projects is carried out in accordance with performance evaluation (target/actual comparison) based on the project advancement in tranches.