Newsletter 01/2012


Dear Club members,
Dear friends


165 days have passed now since the foundation of Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.

!!!! Time for a Newsletter !!!!

“New Year – new Association”; On January 13, 2012 time had come: The non-profit association -Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.- was launched by 11 founding members. The association was born by signing the founding statute. *as reported in a newspaper article of Usinger Anzeigers of January 16, 2012*. At the foundation meeting the statute was adopted and the founding members Hartmut Ring (as President) and Jürgen Nußbaum (as Vice President) were elected to the executive committee.


Newsletter will be created only temporarily and event related in addition to the information on our website ( and our Facebook page (Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.).

Official since foundation

The executive committee implemented promptly all necessary “administrative acts” after the foundation meeting to

-   be recognised by the tax authority Bad Homburg as a non-profit organisation
-   be registered in the register of the district court of Bad Homburg.

!!!!!! We are recognised and registered !!!!!!


Activities since foundation

The board has intensively used the time from the founding until today to establish quickly the internal and external structures and processes in Germany as well as in Tanzania.

This is in the short period from its founding until today well managed.

Based on the existing national and international network we can now go well prepared and organised on the further implementation of our projects.

Website and Facebook

Internet presence is now incessantly. That is why it was very important for us to create our website and Facebook page in a timely manner and to provide „online“.

The homepage as well as our Facebook page were developed from our members Jürgen Nußbaum, Katharina Mulfinger, Anna Unsinn und Andrea Ring since March and are now available also bilingual (German/English).


The feedback from our sponsors, donors, partners and friends is very positive. Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. The homepage will be event-related continuously updated by our member Andrea Ring.

Members – Status

The development of the memberships in our association proves to be very positive. Meanwhile we could in addition to our 11 founding members win further 26 members (among others also the Mayor of the city Neu Anspach – Klaus Hoffmann). Thus we have a total of 37 members with status 29.06.2012 (including 11 members from Tanzania). Everyone is invited, to inform more people about our non-profit work – development cooperation at the grassroots - in Tanzania and possibly to win other members.

Bank accounts

Our accounts are:

 tl_files/Vokk/LOGOS Dritte/Sparda-Bank.jpg

Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.
Sparda-Bank   Hessen eG
Account No.    5000 450
Bank code             500 905 00


 tl_files/Vokk/LOGOS Dritte/naspa_logo_pos_41_7_4c.jpg

Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.
Nassauische   Sparkasse
Account No.    555 555 580
Bank code             510 500 15

Donations and sponsorships can also be made / be taken via our homepage on „Betterplace“ which are then passed on to us.

Travelling to Tanzania

In March 2012 it was time again – Andrea and Hartmut Ring travelled to Tanzania with the two dentists Carola Stach and Gudrun Fischer.

„Am Kilimanjaro den Kindern auf den Zahn gefühlt“
titled the newspaper Usinger Anzeiger on May 22, 2012.

The two dentists have examined about 320 children of the Msareni Primary School dentally. To examine more than 100 children in one day in a provisional treatment room was a real organisational and logistic challenge for us, our partner FIDA and the School Board. But managed!!!!!


Such actions will be organised and performed again in the future in cooperation with our partner FIDA for more kindergartens and schools at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

What are our next activities

After we have now established the Association, the network and the next projects are coordinated as far as possible with our Board, the local partners and friends, it comes to securing the funding and the realisation of projects.

Our projects in short form

1. Playground Mikocheni


Building a playground for 172 children in preschool in the region of the Maasai south of Moshi.

2. School fee Mikocheni

Sponsorships for orphans in the Community and Training Centre Mikocheni.


3. Msareni Renovation


Modernisation and Renovation of the Msareni Primary School as well as further equipment for the classrooms.

4. Fire brigade Moshi

Equipment for the professional fire fighters of Moshi.


5. Sports Club Moshi


Support and equipment of the Sports Club KITAYOSCE, which strives to disadvantaged children and young people.

6. Mongai Primary School

Construction and equipment of classrooms, kitchen, dining room, library and Internet communications for the Mongai Primary School, Moshi rural region.


Detailed information about the individual projects can be found on our homepage under „Projects“.

Next trips

This year, two project mission trips are still foreseen. Hartmut Ring will travel in August to Tanzania, to prepare the next project activities in detail with our partners and friends, and to ratify the contractual agreements with all project participants.

End of November/beginning of December 2012 there will be another project mission trip for implementation and acceptance of individual measures on site.

The Mayor Klaus Hoffmann will accompany the trip to support the friendly relations of the town of Neu-Anspach with the city Moshi and our partners and friends, and get involved in the individual project activities.

Furthermore a doctor of the Hospital of Usingen will accompany us, who will provide advice in the preparation and definition of additional medical aid projects.

Please sign if you want to – even participate in one of the two! Early booking ensures best prices for the ticket (currently 620,-- € for return journey).


You will find more information about our activities, association, projects, publications, sponsors, partners, donation receipts news contacts etc. on our homepage

For additional questions, the board is always available.

Kind Regards

Hartmut Ring

Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.