Our flyer with status September 2013 is updated.



The results of the successful co-operation negotiations with our partners in Moshi, Tanzania (day care centre "Nari Nursey School" and orphanage "Children of Destiny Foundation") during the last project trip in March/April 2013 are implemented. In total 12 children are financially supported by our sponsors along their education.

Brief information on our sponsored children, see >Projects>Sponsorships>Sponsored Children


As announced our Vice President Jürgen Nussbaum was in Moshi, Tanzania from 29.03.2013 to 07.04.2013 together with his wife Manuela and his son Marco and our club member Gudrun Panholzer. The aim of the project trip was the continuation of our six individual projects.

The detailed project trip report to the overall program of project work: see the below PDF.

Note: The next project trips are planned for mid-October 2013 (10 days) and November in 2013 (14 days).


Project Trip

Vice President Jürgen Nußbaum travels from 28.03.2013 to 07.04.2013 to Moshi -Tanzania, together with his wife Manuela and son Marco, and accompanied by our member Gudrun Panholzer.

Objective of the trip:
Implementing, continuing and expansion of the individual projects: Nary Nursery School, Children of Destiny, Fire Brigade Moshi, Sports Club Kitayosce, and planning of the large technical project Mongai Primary School in co-operation with our local partner FIDA.


Meeting of the Members

On January 18, 2013 the General Meeting took place in the equipment house of the voluntary fire brigade of Hausen-Arnsbach with great participation of members, donors and sponsors. (UA reported)

Focal points: Report of the board for Year 2012; Status of the finances; Views, activities 2013.


The next project trip will take place from March 28, 2013 to April 07, 2013 under the leadership of our vice president Jürgen Nußbaum, who will travel together with his wife Manuela, his son Marco and further VoKK-members.
Interested to come with?
Contact person: Jürgen Nußbaum


Meeting of the Members

The meeting of the members of our association will take place on January 18, 2013 at the device house of the voluntary fire brigade Hausen-Arnsbach, Am Sportplatz 9, 61267 Neu-Anspach.
Among others:
Detailed report of the project trip in Nov./Dec. 2012


Project trip to Moshi, Tanzania been successfully.
Travelling companions: Anna and Daniel Unsinn, Inga and Klaus Hoffmann, André Sommer, Hartmut Ring


3. Committee Meeting of the Association
Main subjects:
Actual state members, finances and public relations;
Scope and budget planning of single projects 2012 and 2013;
Next trips to Tanzania in November 2012 and spring 2013.


New sponsor of our Association
The shareholders of Hertlein und Weber - Schöne Ideen für Ihr Zuhause (Beautiful ideas for your home)- promote our project activities.


Living together - Celebrating together - Helping together
The "white giant" takes over a sponsorship of an orphan in Moshi, Tanzania.
The residents have donated 267.-- € at the house party. Usinger Anzeiger reports on 27.08.2012
(see press articles).


Our sponsor, the voluntary fire brigade Hausen-Arnsbach e.V. lets actions follow.
Today they have provided us two complete, new sets of football jerseys for our project in Moshi for KITAYOSCE.


Donation instead of flowers and gifts.
Dr. Ingolf Gast and his wife Sigrid donate 220.-- € on the occation of their 60. birthday.


2. Committee Meeting of the Association
Main subjects:
Definition, scope, and budget planning of projects 2012 - 2013


From now on all members of our association "Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids" have the possiblilty to go shopping at METRO with the customer card of VoKK.
Any questions??
Please contact our treasurer Andrea.


Anna und Daniel Unsinn dedicate the collection (401,20 €) of their church wedding to "Kilimanjaro-Kids" in Tanzania.

Thanks Anna, thanks Daniel.


The major of the town Neu-Anspach, Mr. Klaus Hoffmann, joined our Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) "Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V." and became a member.

Warmly welcome


Press article: "Am Kilimandscharo den Kindern auf den Zahn gefühlt"
(article included: Veröffentlichungen / Presse)