May 2012

The realisation of projects is taking shape. The homepage www.voice-of-kilimanjaro-kids.com is published online.  The first donations for our sponsorship program for orphans have been received.


April 2012

The association is registered at the district court Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe - Registration Court - under the name "Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V." with its headquarters in 61267 Neu-Anspach under the register number VR 2047.


March / April 2012

Hartmut and Andrea Ring visit Moshi, Tanzania together with the two dentists Carola Stach and Gudrun Fischer for execution of a health project. The co-operation agreements with our local partners are ratified. The continuous network in Germany and Tanzania is set up.


February 2012

The association works as recognised by the tax authority of Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe as nonprofit  directly and exclusivey for the purpose of §§ 51 - 68 AO (tax regulation).


January 2012

The associacion "Voice of Kilimanjaor-Kids e.V." is founded on January 13, 2012, Raiffeisenstraße 16, 61267 Neu-Anspach by eleven founding members.

Founders were:
Hartmut Ring, Jürgen Nußbaum, Anna Waehlert, Daniel Unsinn, Steffi Schulz, Stefanie Schlenker, Andrea Ring, Manuela Bletz-Nußbaum, Timo Richardson-Ring, Christina Feix, Dr. Gotthard Schulte-Tigges.


December 2011

Representatives of Neu-Anspach are on their way to Tanzania. A total of nine people - Hartmut Ring, Daniel Unsinn, Anna Waehlert, Monika Feix, Christina Feix, Jürgen Nußbaum, Manuela Bletz-Nußbaum, Marco Nußbaum und Gotthard Schulte-Tigges - travel to Moshi in Tanzania for two weeks to get together with local partners and target groups to discuss possible joint projects - help  for self-help.
Complete success:
The decision to set up the association voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V. and to implement relief projects in the Kilimanjaro region is made on-site by the entire group.


September 2011

Hartmut Ring is in Moshi, Tanzania to analyse projects supporting the idea of help for self-help together with partners and target groups of potential joint projects for the association of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.


March 2011

Timo Richardson-Ring accompanies Hartmut Ring on a project trip to Moshi, Tanzania to gather on-site information about possible projects and partners.


January 2011

Andrea and Hartmut Ring visit Moshi, Tanzania on project trip and are being accompanied by two fire fighters of the volunteer fire department Hausen-Arnsbach (Jürgen Nußbaum and Dirk Merkel). Jürgen Nußbaum and Dirk Merkel establish initial contacts with the municipality of Moshi and the operations centre of the fire department of Moshi.
The foundation of the association Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids is taking shape.


June 2010

During his second visit to Moshi, Tanzania, Hartmut Ring expands his local network in the Kilimanjaro region.


November 2009

Hartmut Ring returns to Moshi, Tanzania for the first time after twenty years. He has worked in Tanzania from 1988-1990 as a project manager on behalf of KfW and the World Bank realising technical training and infrastructure projects with the Tanzania Railways Corporation and Tanzania-Zambia Railway on-site in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Tabora and Moshi. Initial contacts with local partners are being made.