Executive Committee


Hartmut RingHartmut Ring

Born 1949 in Diez a.d. Lahn (Germany). Married to Andrea Ring, two children.
In the course of his interantional career over the last 30 years, Hartmut Ring worked, amongst others, as project manager for the KfW, EU and the World Bank. During the period from 1988 to 1990 he realised technical training and infrastructure projects in co-operation with the Tanzania Railways Corporation and the Tanzania-Zambia Railways on site in Dar es Salaam, Morogro, Tabora and Moshi.

He manages the association for interior and foreign relations of Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.



Vice President

Juergen NussbaumJürgen Nußbaum

Born 1966 in Bad Homburg v.d.H. (Germany). Married to Manuela Bletz-Nußbaum, one child.
Graduate judicial officer at the Ministry of Justice of federal state of Hessen, Germany.
First visit to Tanzania in 2011 with his family, to get know the country, culture and the different projects; During this initial stay he accompanied and took part in his first relief project on site

He manages the association with the president of the interior and foreign relationships.


Extended Committee


Anna UnsinnAnna Unsinn

Born 1985 in Bad Soden, Taunus (Germany). Married to Daniel Unsinn.
Sales clerk at EppsteinFOILS GmbH & Co KG. Bachelor's degree in business administration.
It has always been her dream to visit Africa.   Anna Unsinn went on her first trip to Tanzania in December 2011 with nine VoKK-members and was fascinated about the country, people, culture, partners and the opportunities to offer sustainable help.

As Secretary she is also responsible for Public Relations.



Andrea RingAndrea Ring

Born 1964 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Married to Hartmut Ring.
First visit to Tanzania in 1989 to get know the country, its people and culture - Kilimanjaro-Climb inclusive. Within the course of various international activities she stayed in Morogoro, Tanzania for one year from 1989 to 1990 - and has since then never forgotten Tanzania.

She is responsible for Finance and Accounting.



Manuela Bletz-NussbaumManuela Bletz-Nußbaum

Born 1965 in Bad Homburg v.d.H. (Germany). Married to Jürgen Nußbaum, one child.
Commercial clerk in financial management. Inspired by her husband, she and their son accompanied him to Tanzania on his project monitoring trip in December 2011. „The impressions of this journey, in particular the people and the culture of this country have influenced me greatly“.

She is responsible for the implementation of individual projects.



Daniel UnsinnDaniel Unsinn

Born 1980 in Forchheim (Germany). Married to Anna Unsinn.
State certified civil engineer, Proprietor of the company Unsinn Bau & Service.
Visited Tanzania in December 2011. He has been fascinated by the country and its people. Tanzania is a beautiful country, where you can achieve large positive changes for the people with a small commitment. You just need to get involved.

He organises, plans and implements technical assistance projects amongst other things.



Steffi SchulzSteffi Schulz

Born 1981 in Frankfurt (Oder) (Germany). Married, two children. Employee in a job placement agency in Bad Homburg.
Inspired by Hartmut Ring and his travel accounts with respect to relief projects in Tanzania, she spontaneously joined Voice of Kilimanjar-Kids e.V. She supports the philosophy of the association and will be visiting Tanzania in the near future to get to know the country, culture and the relief projects on site.

She organises and implements individual projects as well.



Christina FeixChristina Feix

Born 1989 in Bad Soden, Taunus (Germany), Single. Employee at municipality of Neu Anspach.
Africa has always fascinated her and inspired by the travel accounts of Hartmut Ring she spontaneously joined the club. In December 2011 she visited Tanzania alongside nine other VoKK-members; she was excited by the country, its people, culture and relief opportunities.

She organises and implements individual projects as well.